Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Garage is Taking Shape!

The first truss goes up!
 This week we set to the goal of getting all the walls framed up and the sheathing on. Ken and I worked hard every evening except church nights and Ken also went out on Sunday afternoon (while I was taking kids to camp) and then while I was going to pick up kids this morning Ken headed out then as well. The kids and I headed there immediately on getting back into town after camp. Keren and Benjamin came and helped us lift up some wall sections on Tuesday evening and Peter came and helped us this afternoon. It was a lot of work but we are really pleased to see things truly taking shape!

 We did not get all the sheathing on but we got about 1/2 of the trusses up as well as having the walls all framed and a lot of the sheathing on.
 Ken and I are happy to have our helpers back from camp as some evenings it was pretty challenging trying to do some things with only two people. We are obviously not professionals and sometimes an extra hand comes in very handy.

 Our "monkeys" are loving the trusses. They are super excited as we have decided we probably can make a bit of an attic in there. They have this crazy loves for attic lofts.

 That is what is going on at our place this week.

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