Monday, March 2, 2015

Actually Enjoying Ironing

Ironing is not one of my favorite activities. In fact it can get put off for quite a while around here. Quite a long while. Like this was the first time I ironed since before we moved.

  But anyway- we generally don't need to iron much. Though Ken wears dress shirts to work we buy the "Wrinkle Free" variety (which is sometimes true and sometimes not) and we try to get them pulled out of the dryer and hung up promptly. If that doesn't happen then they generally get thrown back in with a wet load of clothes. As far as the rest of us we try to not have many clothes that need ironing and if they do we might rationalize that after an hour or so either the wrinkles will have worn out or it would have been wrinkled anyway so it isn't going to make much difference.

 Ken however had been building up a group of shirts that I had tried to treat carefully when taking them out of the dryer but he still thought they were to wrinkled to wear. I had been putting off ironing them but this past weekend I had some extra time and thought it would be good to spend it in a way that would bless my husband.

   So I pulled out my ironing board and iron and put it up in our room in front of our southern window and was able to iron while enjoying the view and the sunshine coming in. I also grabbed the pen and paper that I had been using to write down some long term goals and I was able to think more about that and jot some more things down while I worked.

  It was really quite a pleasant half hour or so and it really feels good not to feel the pressure to get it done anymore. I think I might like ironing after all.

What sort of relationship do you have with your iron? Do you love it or hate it or are you somewhere in between?


Southern Lady said...

I'm in between. Where we live the water is rusty and has stopped up the steam in our iron. Now it does not iron well.

Amelia said...

Ironing, when I do, is very contemplative and peaceful for me. It's nice to just slowly neaten things up a bit, perhaps have some classical music on, perhaps chat with my daughters...Sometimes I will pray for my husband if I am ironing his shirt, sometimes I will just plain pray, talking to God. : )

I like your ideas Abbi, I will try your sweet method soon! Making lists and reminders perhaps facing my board towards outside.

I don't iron all that often, usually it is when I am sewing but when I do I will try to have some paper nearby to jot as well.

For me, I think the biggest pain is just bringing the iron board and iron out! Ha! ha!

Take care now! Blessings! : ) ~Amelia

Rebecca Mclellan said...

I also love to iron - it is almost a lost art with all the wrinkle free clothes. It is calming to me and I love to see the crisp clothes hanging on the hanger!!!! Thanks so much for sharing !!!

Lydia said...

Hate it as well! I like the idea of brainstorming while doing the chore. Will have to try this next time.

Abbi said...

Southern lady, Have you heard of cleaning your iron out with vinegar? That might help the steam but if your water is still hard it would just get bad again.

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts on ironing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just a tip: LL Bean has the best no iron shirts around. Never ironed one; they come out of the dyer perfectly.

Abbi said...

Thanks or the tip on the LL Bean shirts. I will keep that in mind.


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