Monday, March 9, 2015

Feeling a Little Old Fashioned

 The other day I sat on the hearth (by the warm cozy fire) to mend socks and promptly felt quite old fashioned. The combination of mending socks and sitting on the hearth did it. It is rather fun to have an old fashioned thing like a hearth in our house.

Here are some other old fashioned things going on around here.....

Putting Megan's hair up with rags so she could have curls in the morning. She had been wanting curly hair but we haven't unpacked the curlers yet (and don't know where they are- probably at Ken's office) so she (having read stories about it) suggested rags. I failed to get an after picture (above shows her in the morning after sleeping on them but before we took them out) but she did have curls. I think my methods could improve but over all it was just fine. She said that it was much better for sleeping on than the curlers.

 Noodle making. Sometimes we just want some homemade noodles.
 Snowmen (this was our best one - made on the river). Snowmen are of course a thing of today but they were also very much a thing of the past. How fun that we can enjoy the same activity that they did 100 years ago.

Stacks of firewood. I think it looks so pretty. This needs to get all nice and dry for using this next winter.

 Have you had fun doing an old fashioned activities lately?


Jennifer said...

Something from 100 years ago...I read my Bible next to the wood stove in my rocking chair. Threw snowballs with my children, to the dog who loves to chase them. Gathered 6 eggs from our hens. I just love thinking about that. Thanks for asking. :)

Abbi said...

Oh what fun to hear the old fashioned things that you have been doing. I especially liked picturing reading your Bible by the wood stove in your rocking chair.

Judy said...

I absolutely love your blog. Makes me remember the "good old days" when everyone I knew was a Christian and went to church every time the doors were open. Our church doors were always open; there was no need to lock them. The pastor lived next door in the parsonage and he might have locked them at night, I don't know. But growing up in the 50's in a very small town (less than 300) was a wonderful experience in many ways. Not so nice in others, but then nothing is perfect.
I have begun quilting at the ripe old age of 67. I remember my granny hand quilting on the huge wooden frame my grandfather made for her, but crochet was about the only thing she taught me that I kept up with. I have too much arthritis to hand quilt, but I have a lovely new sewing machine coming to replace my old one and I have about a half a dozen quilt tops done and 3 quilts for grandbabies that just need a few little finishing touches. I am going to share your blog with my daughter. She is trying to live like you, she believes in the Proverbs 31 livestyle. she wanted to homeschool their two children too but right after they bought their home, my SIL had a horrible accident when someone hit him headon as he was driving his new motorcycle and he lost one of his legs. So she had to find something to do to support the family. They go to the Tabernacle Baptist church in their town and they have been such a huge help to the kids. They are now buying a printing business and running it as a Christian business and they were lucky enough to be able to afford for the kids to go to the church school.
Gosh, didn't mean to write a book! :) God bless you and your wonderful family. Keep blogging on and you have a constant reader in me. Judy

Amelia said...

We love old fashioned things too, there is just something about them right? : ) The rag curlers... oh so cute!

I sure like that stone fireplace too... I need to show hubby that! : )

Abbi said...

Thanks Judy and Amelia. I loved hearing from you!


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