Thursday, March 19, 2015

Oil Cleansing

I just thought I would share a quite update on our health goals. They have been going really quite well. I am pretty happy. Water drinking is up at our house and we continue to work on it. Charts have been super helpful for this. Tooth flossing has become a habit and from what I read that is a very good thing. I am wishing I would have worked on this with everyone sooner as we have had some expensive dentist visits lately. I made my tooth whitening toothpaste and am enjoying using it. I also have been working on doing oil pulling once again. I have been doing much better at getting to bed on time. Not always fun but I am working on that self-discipline. We have been stretching pretty regularly much to the kid's chagrin. Posture is still a work in progress but it is something that I have been remembering to think about and try to work on.

  My newest health activity is using an oil cleansing for my skin. I have always had a pretty low maintenance skin care plan. No make-up (something I just have no interest in or time for) and just simple face washing in the morning and shower at night. But lately my facial skin has been bothering me a bit (I guess maybe I feel like I am looking older and I struggle with that a little) and it is kind of pitted and not so smooth and there are some pores that look like they could be cleaned out better. I had head of Oil Cleansing and so I decided I would give it a try.

  Basically it is thoroughly massaging oils into your face and then washing it off again with a very steamy washcloth. This is supposed to be good for all skin types (you do adjust your type of oil) and causes those with oily skin to be less oily but also helps out dry skin. The oil is supposed to dissolve the dirty oils in your pores and then the hot water cleans them out.

Here is where you can go for more information:

Wellness Mama

Keeper of the Home

Balance Me Beautiful

I seem to be running behind on my posting this week. I had hoped to post about dealing with food allergies/sensitivities when being hospitable and then also I have a homeschool highlight planned about some fun books we found at the library. Hopefully I will find more time tomorrow! 

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