Saturday, March 14, 2015

Helping my Dad in His Sawmill and Enjoying Lovely Weather

  We were able to work on various house projects this week. Here are some of the things that we have been doing....
On Thursday we made plans to over to my parents to help my Dad cut up some of the logs that we had needed to cut down on our property to make room for building the house. My Dad has a sawmill so we could make those logs into lumber to use.

  We are using these logs for making a mantelpiece for our fireplace, a built in desk for my office, bunk-beds for the kids and we may put some on the ceiling in our living room.
Dad did all the cutting and we moved and stack boards. We also helped to roll the log when necessary, fasten it in place and put new a new log on.
This was a big and heavy board. 2" x 12" but 16 feet. We will use sturdy ones like this for building furniture.
The one inch thick boards were so much lighter! This may be used for our living room ceiling.

  It was so much fun to see the logs turn into boards! We also made some posts for the bunk beds. All of these boards still need to do some drying and also will need to be planed and then sanded. Turning logs to lumber is a process but it is pretty neat!
Our outlet covers arrived! Ken had wanted knotty alder to match our doors and trim and so they had to be special ordered. The process took a couple of months but we have them now. Hooray! They did still need to be varnished so I worked on that yesterday and today. Now they are ready to put up.
Today was a very beautiful day. It is very warm for mid March and we are loving it. It is now time to get back outside and work on the siding. This weekend we are trying to finish up siding our detached garage. Hopefully we can get to working on the house soon.

 What did you do this weekend?


Jennifer said...

Wow! Such nice projects. I feel inspired to build a house. :) Are those Cedar shakes? Our house has them so I was curious. We did build our barn from our own milled trees. That was very rewarding.

Abbi said...

Thanks Jennifer! The Shakes are supposed to look like Cedar but they are a Poly product that is maintenance free. They are called cedar impressions. That is neat that you made a barn from your own trees!


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