Monday, March 23, 2015

House Building Update

 I planned to write this post on Saturday but sometimes time gets away from me and it was too late so it never got written. I just thought I would share an update on some of our progress this past week.
Something that the kids and I found pretty exciting is that Ken got all the internet cable boxes working and so now our computer was able to be moved up and out of the basement. It is now in my office which is so handy as it is is right off our our great room. The kids do their math and foreign languages on the computer this year and of course I use the computer for blogging and also my wedding flower business. I am trying to get a new website finished and get switched over to it (for my business) and having the computer in a handier location will really help for being able to use little bits of time that I might have (while cooking supper or waiting for a music student to arrive and being available while my kids work on schoolwork) to work on my website. Ken was also able to move his office stuff up to his office upstairs.

    After I get my business website finished then I am dreaming about doing some updated on this blog (the look of it). Any suggestions for making it more usable for you?

 While Ken worked on wiring the phone and internet boxes the rest of us got all of the outlet and switch covers on. That is a really nice thing to have accomplished. It looks so much better with them on.

On Saturday I finished the tiling!!! I had thought I was done back in February but then remembered I hadn't done the trim in our bathroom closet. Now it is done! I got all the grouting done today. I just need to get everything cleaned up a little better and then sealed. It is a very nice feeling to have that project done!

  Tomorrow the electrician is supposed to come to get all the wiring done in the basement. That will be pretty nice. Our contractor might be here to finish up our kitchen window trim as well. Things are still moving forward.

  What sort of things did you do last week?

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