Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Week in Pictures

  I'm Abbi's daughter Mara, and we decided that I could help her with her blog.  I'll be starting out with a Week in Pictures series, where I take candid pictures throughout the week- much to my brother Jonathan's chagrin.  I'll also be helping to edit her posts, as I enjoy grammar.  

Here is Megan in the music corner Monday morning.

Aaron and Jonathan cleaning- possibly.

Morning singing time. 

We copied out verses from Philippians.  This is mine.

Blue-eyed grass by the river.

Hoary Puccoon flowers. 

Aaron, Jonathan, and a couple of Mom's piano students playing with our ducklings.  They get to live in the chicken coop now.

Tomatoes in the garden.  These are a gift from Grandpa and Grandma.  The ones I started inside died as soon as we set them out, for the most part.  They were always a little scrawny.

We're going to train beans up these pallets.  

A wild columbine peeks from behind a pine.

In the evening we kids went to Uncle Luke and MollyBea's while Mom and Dad had a meeting.  MollyBea's little sisters were visiting her, so Aaron proposed playing 200 with a frisbee.

They've started a garden too.

MollyBea rescued Norbert the Turtle, and made a lovely home for him.  

I've been drawing a map.  It's of the kingdoms Cinthia and Jaston, far away in my imagination.

Mom baking on Tuesday afternoon.

I made chocolate chewy cookies.

Megan called me outside to see the geese and their babies.

Aaron ready to go in his inflatable boat.

Carrying it down the bank.

Jonathan and Megan watch him go.

They took the ducklings down to swim too.

Megan on the bank.

I saw some woodpeckers on Wednesday.

MollyBea and her sisters came over on Thursday.  
Mom cleaned flowers for a wedding while she talked.

A yellow lady-slipper was blooming beautifully. 

We went on a canoe ride, though Mom had to go back before us in Aaron's boat to take the bread out of the oven.

On Friday we went to Track and Field day.  Mom helped at the high-jump.  She's in red and white to the left of the pole.  Our cousins the Johnsons came with us.  Molly Johnson is the girl in the pink shirt.

Two of my friends by the high jump.

I handed my camera to a friend while I jumped.  I came in third.

Aaron landing after jumping.

Jonathan and a couple friends.  I have no clue what they are doing.

I'm waiting for the hurdles.

My cousin Molly.

Her sister Heidi and me, at the end of the hurdles.

Packing the bags in the car.

We saw swans and cygnets in a pond on the way home.

Mom did flowers Friday evening, and I took pictures of them.  This is the bride's bouquet.

See you next week!


MollyBea Williams said...

Mara, this is really fun! I like it.

Elaine said...

What a great week! Really enjoyed seeing a bit of your life in pictures :)

Abbi said...



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