Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Week in Pictures

This week was a busy one and, looking back, full of fish and fun.  

On Sunday afternoon we gardened.

Until the storm.

Monday evening Mom and Dad sided up high on the scaffolding.

A neighbor took Aaron and Jonathan fishing.  Aaron caught a bass.

Tuesday I invited some friends over and we canoed down to a campsite.  We cooked hot dogs and a fish Jonathan had caught on the way there.  It turned out fairly well for having no equipment but a grate over a fire and some leaves.

  Wednesday Aaron, Jonathan and I did a "Take a Kid Fishing" event.  That's my guide filleting our fish (I caught four) along with a girl who was his other charge, and his helper who ordered us pizza for lunch.  And several other people I don't know.
   While we were fishing I saw a loon.

  Thursday we saw a Navy Seal who was swimming the length of the river to support veterans.

Friday I finished up a messenger bag.

  Jonathan packing for Bible Camp.  We kids are leaving for Iowa for a week, with our aunt and uncle.  See you next week!

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