Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Week of Camp in Pictures

I mentioned last week that we kids were headed down to camp with our aunt and uncle.

Jonathan packing.

 On the way we went to church with our cousins.  They were having a Hmong Chinese day, and so Beatrice is dressed up.

We reached Sharon Bluff Camp Sunday evening. 

Megan on her bunk.

 Two little boys in the bell tower.

Practicing volleyball.

  Nathan leading songs before chapel on Monday.

Jonathan waiting his turn for carpetball.  That's the major free-time entertainment there.

The driveway.

 Some recovering elk were kept in pastures by the camp.  We enjoyed watching them.

The camp bell.

Aaron and some other boys playing foosball.

My uncle Benjamin preached on Absalom Tuesday.

 Older group Bible class in the bell tower.

Aaron and Megan playing outside.

   Jonathan got to man the soundboard like he does at church.

A skit by Tribe Three.  (The campers are dived up into teams for activities.)  Megan as Rahab is behind a Delilah in black and white stripes.

My tribe did a Joshua skit.  I was the narrator, wearing a pink towel head covering. 

A birds' nest with a tragic fate.

The bell tower.

Taylor (a ten year old in my tribe) and I picked wildflowers on Wednesday.

  A team doing a group song for Music Night.

Taylor did a solo.  (Our tribe leader is working on the technology.)

  Aaron and Megan singing bluegrass.  Aaron looked a little lost without his mandolin, but we didn't have room to bring it.

Amazing Grace on Banjo and Ocarina.  (Ocarinas are smaller than mandolins, so it came along.)

  A bird in a mulberry tree out my window.

  All things must come to an end... Pictures on the last day of camp.  This is my tribe.

  Benjamin, Aaron and Megan were in Tribe Three.

Jonathan was in Tribe One.  (Tribe One won.)

  The cooks in their orange shirts.

Keren and Benjamin before we left.

  Blue sky out the van window.  I'm left with the little hollow feeling that always comes at the end of camp, but a lot of peace.  Home is good.  After all, there's always next year.



Amy and Mark said...

Megan - Thank you for sharing your beautiful camp pictures. I grew up going to camp in central Indiana, later volunteered there, and was finally paid to go as a college staffer! I always loved camp - in fact it was where I met my husband and where we were engaged. Even now, when I visit with my family, I drive away with that strange empty feeling you wrote about. There are few places on earth like summer camp. Think of how wonderful and amazing camp is and then just dare to dream how much more incredible the Life Eternal must be! Praying for you and your friends/siblings this week that you may bring that "mountain top" joy of camp into real life and share the Good News with a revitalized love for the Word and the Lord.

Amy and Mark said...

**I am SO sorry! Mid-way through the day I realized I did that horrible thing where I called Mara by her sisters name - Megan! I am sorry Mara!!

Mara C. said...

Thank you for your thoughts, Amy. I love going to camp. It will be pretty awesome in Heaven some day.


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