Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making a Chalkboard Door

 Chalkboards are the current trend and though it is not my goal to keep up with all the current trends I do think chalkboards are pretty fun and I quite liked the idea of having a chalkboard door.

  We bought nice pre-finished exterior doors for our house but in the buying of them we totally forgot about the door in between the house and the garage. So when it was time to put one in Ken told our contractor to just buy an in stock door to put in. It doesn't match the other doors and it was only primed so I thought it would be fun to turn it into a chalkboard.

   I bought a quart of chalkboard paint at Menards for around $10. I put two coats on the door and it used around 1/2 of it. It didn't cover very well with the first coat but with 2 coats it did great.

  After painting it I had to let it sit for 3 days before using it. That was sad because I did it just before the kids arrived home and I was hoping to put a welcome home message on it.
 After 3 days we were supposed to rub chalk all over it and then wipe it off.
 That was kind of messy but fun. Megan helped me. Now it is ready to use.

 We are having fun using it. I like the idea of writing messages and bible verses on it and also having a changing art scene on it.
What fun to be able to have new art whenever the inspiration hits.
Megan is now thinking of other places that it would be fun to use chalkboard paint - we shall see.
Have you ever used chalkboard paint? What projects have you done with it - or think would be fun to do?


Jennifer said...

That is a really great idea!! Thanks for sharing it. I just might have to find a door to do this to. It would be a great way for homeschooling moms to have there little ones practice lessons on. What fun!

Lisa Berry said...

I love this idea! We are hoping to build an addition soon (garage with a 2nd story). It would be fun to have this on that door or perhaps on the pantry door in the addition. I love chalkboards. :-)

Abbi said...

Thanks Ladies! That would be fun if you can make chalkboard doors too. I would love to hear about your project if you do it!


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