Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kelly Tough {Book Review and GIVEAWAY!}

I recently was sent the book "Kelly Tough, Live Courageously by Faith" by Erin Kelly with Jill Kelly  to read and review. Erin Kelly is the daughter of Pro Football Hall of Famer - Jim Kelly but beyond that she is someone who is seeking to know God and she shares some of her journey in this book.

  The book does mention football fairly frequently and that is something that I really have very little interest in but I still did find this book pretty interesting and inspiring because though the Kelly family loves football what the emphasis really is in this book is on Jesus and relying on Him - and that I do have a big interest in!

   Erin Kelly is a young woman who still has most of her life to go through and she writes from that perspective - it is pretty neat to read the words of a young person who is on fire for seeking God's will and who realizes that there are many situations she hasn't faced yet and doesn't know how life will go for her but she desires to live life God's way.

   This book talks a lot about Jim Kelly's struggles with cancer and how the family sought God's strength through that. They realized that the couldn't be "tough" on their own strength but needed God's help. She talks about very situations that she has faced where she has needed God's help and strength.

 Reading about Erin and her sister dealing with their dad's cancer brought back some memories or my teenage years when my Dad fought cancer. We were so blessed that he was able to go through Chemo and come out cancer free and has stayed that way. But as this book reminds us - no matter what the result would have been - even if my Dad would have died from cancer when I was a teen - God is still Good!

   This is an encouraging and easy to read book. Football loves would get an added bonus of  learning more about the lives of various football players.

GIVEAWAY- Update- The Winner is Cindy. Congratulations Cindy!
If you think this books sounds interesting and would like to read it - leave a comment below to try and win a copy. When you leave a comment please also leave a way for me to reach  you (an e-mail address is good) should you win.

 This giveaway will end June 19th at 10 pm.

 I would love to hear about a time when you really realized that only through God could something happen - when you just couldn't do it on your own strength anymore. 


Cindy Bills said...

Sounds like a great book. Would it be appropriate for a 10 year old boy?
I am compiling a book list for Hayden, who is passionate about football.

Tiffany M. said...

Hello, This does sounds like a great book. We all go thru times when our own strength just isn't enough and need to rely on God. I enjoy hearing other's experiences! Thank you for the chance to win. Tiffany M.

Erin said...

This book does sound interesting. Especially since I grew up in upstate NY and my dad is a big Buffalo Bills fan. We've followed the Kelly family's victories and struggles for years.

I don't like to give out my e-mail address online, but if I win, and you reply to my comment, I'll be sure to see it. :]

My husband and I have seen God to be faithful many times throughout our marriage. We've faced health, financial and relational challenges, but just when I determine to give up, He always gives the grace and strength to keep going. He is so good!

Abbi said...

Cindy, I am sorry I took so long to answer your question - I don't think this would really be a book that a 10 year old boy would enjoy- a teenage girl, yes. It is always a challenge to find good books for our children isn't it?

Erin said...

And the winner was...? :]

Abbi said...

Erin, Thanks so much for the reminder to pick a winner! I had thought of it once and then forgot. I used the Random number generator to pick and the winner was Cindy Bills. Congratulations Cindy!


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