Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Glimpses of Our Garden

  I was out working in our garden this morning and had such fun checking out all the new growth going on there so I took some photos to share with you too.
Some of the tomato plants from my Dad are already blooming. Hooray!
 I think bean plants look so cute and they are so fun to watch since they make such fast progress.
 The zucchini plants are coming up.
 The peas came up really well. The are beautiful!
 The corn is up nicely too. My sweet corn I planted earlier and they are looking good but the Indian corn (that we use for decorations and for grinding for cornmeal) and popcorn which got planted later are up nicely as well.
 The onions look so sweet. I wonder if they will grow well - so often I don't have very good success with onions - we shall see. I will probably start using some of them as green onions soon.
 Radishes are so quick to come up - I love having them in my garden!
How is you garden doing? Do you have a favorite garden veggie?

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