Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Aaron Rides a Horse

 Aaron wants to be a rancher someday. As long as I can remember he has loved animals with his dearest dreams involving horses and dogs (and NEVER getting married!). He has really wanted to ride a horse for some time but we hadn't found a good opportunity for that beyond the little pony ride at the fair (which doesn't really count because they are hooked up to a pole).

   Aaron's 12 birthday was last month and I thought that one of the neatest presents we might be able to give him would be an opportunity to ride a horse (since we cannot actually get a horse itself and the getting of a puppy was already in the works). I looked all over and called a bunch of places in hopes of finding a trail riding opportunity but that doesn't seem to be available in our area.

   I did however find some horse riding lessons and so we signed him up for one of those. The lady teaching the lesson was quite nice and Aaron had a nice hour of learning about horses and learning the basics of riding a horse.

   Above he got to brush the horse down carefully before saddling him for a ride.
 Aaron learned how to guide the horse around all the poles.
 It was a chilly and wet day so they had their lesson in the indoor arena.
Finally - up on a horse!

I found that I was indeed still allergic to horses and cats (which were also there in abundance). I spent the rest of the day sneezing and then feeling weary.

  It was fun to be able to give a gift that created a memory instead of just causing us to have more stuff. Have you ever given or received a gift of that sort which was a hit?

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Nola said...

This is a great idea. Our homeschool group recently went to a horse riding place and got a similar lesson. My oldest loved it, as she is very into horses. I really like that idea for a gift. It is so hard to come up with good gift ideas sometimes. I find it hard since we don't want to give gifts that just cause clutter and don't really mean much. I especially find the younger 2 children harder since they are not the "first" child to need something. We're working on figuring out Christmas and birthday stuff right now since it all comes at once with winter birthdays. This is something I should look more into as I know my daughter would love to go again.


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