Saturday, November 14, 2015

Corn Husks, Acorns, Twigs and Leaves = a Pretty Cute Couple

My daughter Mara is an artist. Her favorite materials to work with are ones that she can roam around outside picking up from the garden or the woods. The outdoors was the inspiration for this sweet couple.

   My Sister and Brother-in-law gave her these cute (and big!) acorns that they had picked up down in Kansas (I remember picking some up when we lived there and thought that they were great fun to use for crafts also). Mara then promptly went to work creating some little people to go with the acorn heads. Aren't they quite adorable? She made another one today but I didn't get a picture of it yet. You might wonder about the purple on the outfits above - that comes from the husks of our Indian corn. It is fun to have a natural variety in colors.

   I was also in the creative mood today and had a blast cleaning the house and then decorating for Thanksgiving. I finally got the mantle varnished this week and then we set it in place (with construction adhesive to keep it there) and now I was free to decorate the mantle. This little couple is sitting there along with other fall inspired items. I will try to take more house pictures soon to share with you all.

   Do you enjoy decorating for fall? What is a favorite thing for you about this time of year?


Jennifer said...

Just adorable!

Abbi said...

I thought so too. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!


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