Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Operation Christmas Child Week

This is the week to drop of shoeboxes that are packed with all sorts of fun stuff to be sent to some needy child. This is something that our kids have enjoyed doing for many years now. It is a really fun way to cause them to think about others and to really embrace giving. If you didn't plan to do so already I just wanted to mention the idea in case it would be something you could do this week. I think your family plus the child would be blessed by it.

  Here are some links that could be helpful:

Operation Christmas Child -Packing your shoebox

A Missionary's insight into what is good for boxes.

Another post with insight from distribution.

Posts from various years about our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox packing:


2010 Bags for our boxes

2011 (Skirt and shirt tutorial)


Clothespin dolls could be a fun addition to a box.

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Amelia said...

We packed two today! So fun! We had such a nice mother-daughter time at Dollar General, I bought a twin set of baby dolls, just the right size of old fashioned baby dolls for two boxes. We added, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, minnie mouse wipes, lip balm, crayons, little coloring book, stickers, a strawberry shortcake cami, pair of socks etc. So. Fun. ...Love that Dollar General. The baby doll twins were $5.00 for the set if anyone is interested. : ) Oh and of course we included baby bottles from Dollar Tree too! We must feed our babies! Becs, our youngest will be making a box and my mom did one online.

You have some very cute ideas for the boxes Abbi. I think that skirt and top set is really wowee as well.

Have fun with your boxes! Will you be tracking yours?


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