Wednesday, November 4, 2015

All Sorts of Rag Rugs!

 This year we have been really having fun making rag rugs. You might question - "Don't you always have fun making rag rugs?" and I guess the answer would be "yes". It is indeed one of my favorite hobbies. But I think we have been doing it even more than normal this year. As we were unpacking boxes we started finding a bunch of old clothes that needed to be made into rugs and I didn't really have enough space for them all so we all got busy making them into strips and then into rugs and so was have gotten quite a lot accomplished and cleared up some shelf space as well. Yeah!

Here are some of our projects:
A rug for the kid's bathroom. I started this on our trip to Voyageurs National Park. I decided to use a kind of doily pattern for this rug and crochet it. It was fun to use rags that matched the decorations in the room.
 This is another rug that I worked on during our trip but it has grown quite a bit since then. In the picture it is not yet complete but it actually is now. I should take another picture of it in it's new home down in Ken's den. This is all made out of denim. Jonathan cut nearly all of my strips for me.
 This rug is one the Megan and I are working on to put in front of the sink in the kitchen. Aaron helped tear quite a few of the strips.
 This is Mara's current project - a rug she is working on for the girls' room.
 This is the rug that Mara made for the boys' room. It is made with a lot of old flannel shirts and some fuzzy fabric and it makes a really soft and cozy rug. A lot of the flannel used was what was left after I made the quilt which is on Aaron's bed (or mattress - we are wanting to get a bunk bed made).
That is a little of our fun with rugs. I actually have a new denim rug going now. We are really trying to use up all the old clothes and stuff that we have sitting around.

 Do you make rag rugs or use old clothes for any other purpose? I would love to hear what you do!


Nola said...

I've never done anything but just cut stuff up for rags, which I use for cleaning. I like your rugs!

What kind of flooring and what kind of stain is that in the photos? It looks like oak, but what stain? Its really nice. We are trying to figure out what type of flooring to put at our house (wood floors). We ripped out the old carpets before we moved in, as they were in terrible shape (their life span had been spent probably a decade or two ago!) and we couldn't get the smell out of them. Right now we just have sub-floors until we can decide.

Abbi said...

Thanks Nola.
We use a lot of old clothes to make rags for cleaning too.
Our wood flooring was pre-stained but we did find a stain to match it so we could stain our stairs and some other things. We got the Varathane brand with the "Early American" color. You are correct that it is oak. I do like wood floors. You have to do a lot of sweeping but I prefer that any day over vacuuming and I am so happy to know that I actually am getting the dirt up.

Nola said...

That's funny as that is one of the types of flooring that we have been considering... "Early American". Our will be pre-stained as well. Its hard to tell on a computer screen what the colour was for sure but it did look similar to that to me on the screen. Anyways, its beautiful. We are considering that or lighter oak, like we had at our previous owned house (we rented in between this house and the one before that which we owned). I agree, I prefer sweeping. Our house will all be tile and hardwood. I also like how the dirt tends to float under things and along the edges with hardwood and therefore look cleaner than if it just sticks to the carpet in the middle. I know its still there whether its at the edge or the middle but it just looks cleaner to me.

PurpleSlob said...

I love that rpund rug with the rose! I never knew you could make patterns with them! I've only ever seen the old fashioned ones like my Granny made.

Abbi said...

You can just use a granny square pattern or doily pattern and do it big with rags and a bigger hook.


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