Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dragonfly Soaps {Review and Giveaway}

   I think I have a new indulgence. It is homemade natural soaps. A while back I won some homemade goats milk soap on a blog giveaway and I just loved it. Not to long ago I became aware of Dragonfly Soaps and they agreed to let me do a review and giveaway here on my blog. I got to choose 2 of their soaps that they sent to me so that I could try them out and I am totally loving these soaps too! They are so much more fun to use than the ones you can buy at a big box store!

Oatmeal Almond Scented Soap
   When I went to Dragonfly Soaps website it was so much fun to browse through all their different varieties! They have some that they call "Almost Edibles" and I would love to try everyone in that category (except perhaps the Fisherman's Lure as it is geared for men and I don't do much fishing).  I did request the Chai Soap and I love the smell of it. When I was using it in the shower last night it made me crave a cup of Chai tea so bad that I was almost tempted to dissolve some and try drinking it. :-) Using it in the shower smelled just like sipping a steaming cup of Chai Tea. 

Peppermint Ice Scented Soap
I would love to try this one too!
Another category of soaps that they have is called "Mysterious and Earthy Scents". We decided to try Forest Floor from this category. It is called the naturalists soap of choice which is fitting as I got it for Mara and she is definitely turning into a little naturalist. When we went to the state park the other day she had a wonderful time visiting with the naturalist there (and he was impressed with her knowledge of plants) and decided that maybe she could be a part time naturalist in addition to being an author. Back to the soap.... I actually got it for Mara as it said the antiseptic oils in it are said to be helpful to troubled skin. Mara has trouble with eczema and we are always looking for things that will help. She said that she liked using it and I know I thought it smelled pretty good!

Dragonfly Soaps also has categories "Lavenders and Flowers", "Workhorse Soaps" and "Unscented". I think I would enjoy trying any of their soaps.

Some other info about Dragonfly Soaps that I thought was neat were:
  • All soap is handcrafted in small batches.
  • The colourings and scents are from herbs, clays, chlorophyll, spices, flowers, seeds, mineral pigments or essential oils.
  • They use oils that nourish the skin.
  • They try to reuse and recycle with their packaging as well as their soap trimmings, etc.
Would you like to try some Dragonfly Soaps?

  They are letting me give away 3 bars of soap to 2 different people (6 bars in all)!

  So.... If you would love to win and try some dragonfly soap go ahead and comment here.
In your comment please:
  • Tell me what 3 bars you would want should you win. Go to their website to make a selection.
  • Make sure to leave an e-mail address so that I can contact you should you win.
This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide!
The giveaway will end on July 8th so be sure to enter before then.

The winners are: Becky R and Twinkle Toes. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy them as much as we are.

I received soap at no cost to me for purposes of reviewing. I was not required to write a positive review and I was not in any other way compensated for writing this review.


Emily said...

I've seen others try this soap, too and this is the first I visited their site! What neat scents! If I could try any it would be 60's Vanilla, Peppermint Ice, and Old Fashioned Lavender.

my email is

A Restful Place said...

Oh, these look so good! I'd love to try the Tangerine Moisturizer Bar Soap, Mango Rose Soap & Winterspice Soap. :)

arestfulplace @ gmail . com

Paul Barber said...

I love homemade soaps and would love to try these!! I would try Tangerine Moisture Bar, Chai Soap, and Patchouli Kick Start. Thanks for sharing with us! ( :

Lisa said...

The Chai and the triple chocolate...oh yummy!!!

Becky R said...

Lavendar, Unscented, and Mango Rose. I too love homemade soaps.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried homemade soaps, but have wanted to of late. The varieties look wonderfully appealing!

As a mint-lover, I would have to choose Peppermint Ice, Spearmint Poppyseed Wake-up, and then some Lemon Chiffon for something a little different.

Twinkle Toes said...

I think I would try Peppermint Ice, Cocoa Butter Bar Soap and Chai Soap...They sound the yummiest :D

Sue D said...

Oh--I want to try them all! I would pick the Chai, Tangerine Moisturizer and Garden Lavender.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Ang said...

Tangerine one. I am hoping to come and see you all next week. Did you about faint the day you had mail from me. I am trying to write one letter a week.

Anonymous said...

They all sound awesome. Especially: Spearmint Poppyseed Wake-Up Bar Soap, Ginger Orange and Honey Soap, and 60's Vanilla Soap.

Bonnie Williams said...

I would like to try the Chai, Lemon Chiffon or Old Fashioned Lavender. Reading through the list made me hungry! Thank-you!

Amanda said...

I'd love the triple chocolate mint, ginger orange and honey and oatmeal almond.

Hallie said...

I would love to try the One Summer Night, Tangerine Moisturizer and 60's vanilla!!

wpooh_9 at hotmail dot com

Anne said...

I would love to try the triple choc mint, the ginger, orang and honey and the mango rose please. They all sound so delicious!!!

Thanks Anne

Jackie said...

What a fun giveaway! I think I would try the shaving soap, lemon chiffon & the baby soap.

Homequeen said...

I would love to enter this Giveaway. I live overseas, and it's good to see everyone can enter!!
I would love to win the Ginger Orange and Honey Soap, Peppermint Ice, and The Oatmeal Almond Soap. What a treat!!

Homequeen said...

Email is Homequeen (dot) is (at) gmail (dot) com.

Anna said...

I want to try the shaving soap, the garden lavendar and the forest floor soaps. They all look very beautiful!
Are you all rested? :) We aren't. But we did get a lot done today. Yay!

Brandy M. said...

I would like to try the Lemon Chiffon, Tangerine and Oatmeal Almond. Thanks!

couponmomma2010 at hotmail dot com

elaine r said...

Lovely soaps! I would choose Tea Tree Soap With Rosemary, Sage And Clay Soap and Ginger,Orange And Honey Soap.

Elaine R


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