Friday, June 3, 2011

Megan the bride-to-be

I would guess pretty much every little girl likes to play bride now and then. I would also guess that my having a business in the wedding industry makes my girls even more interested in thinking about their future weddings.

I have a wedding to do flowers for (they are basically done and ready to deliver now) this weekend and along with 2 uncles getting married this year, Megan has weddings on the brain. Yesterday she had fun dressing up and then wanted me to provide a bouquet (I had lots of flowers, didn't I?) but I told her to go find some dandelions for a bouquet. She brought some in and had me tie a bow around them. Then she wanted me to take pictures.
 She certainly makes an elegant bride!

Today as I was working on the flowers she came down to help (her special job is misting the corsages and boutonnieres and putting them in their boxes) and started discussing her wedding plans with me.

Megan: "Who do you think I should have for a flower girl?"

Me: "Maybe you'll need to wait to choose- I don't think she will have been born yet."

Megan: "I think I will have Jaten." (her 1 year old cousin)

Me: "How old do plan to be when you get married?"

Megan: "Oh, 28."

Me: "Then Jaten will be 24."

Megan: "Then maybe I will be 67."

I do love visiting with 5 year olds. They have no problem with outside the box thinking.
Megan does like to get life planned ahead of time. She plans on getting married and then she and her family will live with us. Meanwhile she is going to deliver mail and I get to take care of her kids. And...she is going to have an inside dog- so she doesn't have to sweep.

Sorry Megan, I draw the line on that one.


Jackie said...

How cute!

Keren Ruth said...

Such a sweet, silly girl. :)


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