Sunday, June 12, 2011

Loving Surprises!

This morning Ken had scheduled a guy to come over and help take care of a mold problem we were having. Meanwhile I left to deliver flowers to a wedding. I came back to find the guy working in my living room instead of the entryway. Ken had asked him (to surprise me) to clean our living room carpet as well.

 In case you haven't heard me mention it before our living room carpet WAS (not is anymore!) gross. We have tried to clean it with rental units and spot cleaning etc. It is cream colored and has been stained ever since we moved here and we have just made it worse. It is not quite perfect yet but it is very close especially compared with what it was. It is so fun to have clean carpet!!! That was an area where I had struggled with discontent for a while but you know, it hasn't bothered me that much for the last year or so thanks to God's work in my heart but I am still enjoying and very thankful for it looking nice now!

   I am blessed to have a very thoughtful husband!

Telling about that surprise reminded me that I never posted this picture of my lovely Mother's Day Surprise. The kids got up early and made really yummy muffins and then brought me breakfast in bed- though I had already gotten up and dressed and was doing my hair to they let me come upstairs and eat with them. I loved their sweet planning and thoughtfulness. Ken had also bought me a bouquet of Irises which are a favorite of mine.

  I think surprises are lovely.

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