Friday, June 17, 2011

Easier hauling on my bike

I had mentioned earlier that we are trying to do a lot of biking this summer instead of driving whenever possible. The hard thing about biking is that you can't haul stuff as easily as in a vehicle. We had managed to haul somethings using our trailer, bike racks, pannier bags and baskets but I was still wanting something more. I particularly wanted a very stable place to haul milk (in glass jars) as my parents usually bring us goats milk and give it to us when we are at church.
My solution that worked very well and didn't cost me a penny was to attach (using zip ties) a plastic crate (that I have had for years but only used now and then) to the top of my bike rack. We were able to pack the milk and eggs and other stuff into it carefully and it worked great for transporting it. When we go on bike trips I will probably take it off so that I can use my pannier bags easier but for short term hauling it works very well!

This might not be the most stylish way of biking but I guess I am more interested in practicality!


Jackie said...

I love it and I think it is awesome you are trying to ride bikes more than drive your car. My bike is one I have had since I was 10 and it is in bad shape. I really like the idea of doing more biking with the kids. I know you have a trailer you use to haul Megan. I need to look into finding one of those cheaply. Thanks for linking up!

Nola said...

I've seen this before places, its a great idea. My Mother in law uses a freezer basket, bought at a second hand store, to do the same thing. You know the kind from chest freezers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for information!


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