Friday, June 24, 2011

Some easy clothing remakes

One original t-shirt and one that I have already cut.
 This week I was needing to make some girls undershirts. I had decided to go to my box of old (stained or for some other reason gotten rid of) t-shirts where I figured I would find some material that I could use that would make a comfortable undershirt.

   I found some small white boys undershirts that made my sewing job even easier! They were several sizes to small which worked well as we wanted the undershirt on the fitted side. I simply took them and cut off the sleeves, cut the neckline down and on one of them I cut some of the length off of the bottom. On the other two I simply folded the hem up one more time and stitched it. The pictures will give you an idea of how I cut them. Though with hindsight- I cut two of them with a rounded neck and one of them I cut with a v-neck and we like the v-neck one best.
The lines I used to cut this one out. I also cut off some length.
 After cutting them out I simply hemmed all the edges (I used various decorative stitches and thread colors to make them more girly) and then we put a little rosebud or bow on the middle of the front of each one. It was a quick and easy project and it was free! Faster than shopping for them too!
The finished undershirts.
 We decided to make Megan a slip as well. For that I found a woman's t-shirt in the box which I cut at the top basically the same way as the undershirts and then I did cut the side seams down as well, tapering them a little and then sewing them back together. I added lace to the bottom of the slip to make it a bit longer. We hemmed the neckline and the sleeves like the undershirts and again added a little rosebud to make it pretty!
A slip for Megan
Those are some of my recent remakes- have you done any sewing lately?


Jackie said...

I always love to see how you alter clothing. You are so creative. The undershirts look great and the slip is just too cute. I never thought of using T-shirt fabric for a slip. Thanks so much for linking up! I will be sharing this post on my Facebook Fan page so if you aren't a fan I hope you will "like" me. ;-) Take care.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I'm turning my husband's old shirts into summer pajama bottoms for my boys.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great way to reuse shirts! They are so cute!

The Tiny Team said...

Very cool! I love being frugal and making something old, NEW!


Abbi said...

Thanks everybody!


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