Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Floral Fun

 Last month I was totally enjoying the flowers that were blooming (I still am enjoying the flowers!) and had some fun making floral projects as well. Here are some of the projects I made and had fun giving away.
 Above it a beaded flower barrette that I made. It is pretty fun and simple to make stuff from beads when you use wire. Just thread the beads on and twist them into whatever shape you want. Then I sewed it onto a barrette that I had covered with red ribbon.
 I made more note cards. All of these were made using various paper scraps and me heart punch and glue.
Tote bags are easy and fun to make and pretty useful to have so I enjoy making them for gifts. I love using a flower to dress it up a bit.

  What have you been making lately?


Erin said...

Thanks for the great inspiration, Abbi. I'm off to try one of the floral cards right now!

Creations by Dina said...

Your cards are so pretty. Do the kids help with any of these projects? I have been crocheting Christmas presents lately. I just started a granny square afghan.

Abbi said...

I hope you had fun making cards!

Dina, My kids do like to help with projects. Whenever I get out the card making stuff Megan and sometimes the others usually come and join me and make cards too. Some projects I do all by myself though. Things like the beaded barrette I like to do while riding in the car.


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