Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trying to save our strawberries

 Our project today was with the mission of keeping the chipmunks out of the strawberries. This has been our battle for several years and so far we have lost but this year we are going to greater lengths than ever before. Sometimes I feel a little silly- we are spending money, spending time and it really would be easier (and cheaper!) to just buy a few strawberries at the store instead.

But..... We want our own and at this point we really would like to win! So today we made a cover for the strawberry patch. After finishing it we can see some issues with it and so Ken has a new idea for basically a little screen house (more work and expense I am sure) but hopefully our screen will work for now.

It was so nice to have some great helpers for this project!
 Jonathan was happy to get busy and do some unrolling, cutting, attaching it together, nailing boards on and pounding of stakes.
 Aaron held the screen in place (a little wearily) and helped with pounding in a stake and moving the screen in place.
 Mara and Megan helped with tieing it together and putting it in place. We ended up having to wait for Ken to come home to actually get it in the garden as we had made it outside the fence and it was rather akward to move around.
And the finished product (until Ken fixes it into something better)! I hope the chipmunks stay out! We are looking forward to some yummy strawberries.


Miri said...

You are striking a chord with me! The lengths to which we'll go for our homegrown produce is something, isn't it? I believe it will all be worth it when you are eating delicious, warm strawberries. Maybe your kids will even do a happy dance over "victory over small garden pests." :)

Kathy in Illinois said...

I don't blame you for trying to protect your strawberries! The home-grown ones taste SO MUCH better than the ones in grocery stores. They have a chemical taste to them. Hope your experiment works!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Nola said...

I hope it works too! Do update us to let us know!


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