Monday, June 6, 2011

Herbs for our Homestead

Spring is a very busy and fun time for homestead activities. Planting, bee care, baby animals (if you have them), lots of milk and eggs and much more. Though we don't have much in the way of animals at our place we still keep pretty busy. Gardening is a big priority right now. I thought I would write today about the herbs at our place.

 My interest in herbs goes back quite a ways. When I was around 13 I started an herb garden at my parents place (my place then as well). I had fun growing and drying quite a few things. At that point I didn't really know how to use herbs to their full potential but I was starting to learn.

  After that I went to college, got married and started a family. Herbs were pretty much forgotten about for a while. In the last few years I have started to get really interested in them again. As I grow them and study up on them it is fascinating to learn about the amazing plants that God has made. In simple little plants there is not only the ability to make our food taste very yummy but also healing properties as well. It is so awesome to realize again and again how God so perfectly planned everything- down to having a special plant or herb for every physical problem (at least it seems like that to me) we might face.

  I now have one section of my garden devoted to herbs. I am still in the learning process concerning using them all to their full potential but it certainly is a fun journey! I am also starting to put more herbs in my flower beds as well as learning about herbs that grow wild in our woods and yard.
Here are some of the herbs we have at our place:

 Some that are established and came up right away this spring are:
Some that we are planting this year (either because they are annuals or because we are just getting them started) are:
  • Basil (more info here)
  • Coriander/Cilantro (more info here)
  • Rue (perennial)
  • Hyssop (though this already grows wild in our woods- I am trying to recall why I decided to buy seed for it!) (perennial)
  • Stevia
  • Lemony Catnip (perennial)
  • Borage
  • Lavender  (perennial- though it only is for -10 degrees, I am hoping it will stay alive for us)
  • Dill
  • Garlic
Lavender- I bought it already growing.

I have a post on harvesting and using herbs here that you may enjoy.
We are already using some of the herbs this year and I am looking forward to using them all summer and then preserving more for winter use. I hope to do a lot more studying up on them and can't wait to find out more about this marvelous creation of our wonderful and wise God!


Creations by Dina said...

I love herbs. I just did a presentation on Herb of the Bible at my church. I reserched all the herbs named in the Bible and the uses of them during Biblical times and the used of them today.

Jackie said...

I loved seeing your herb garden. I hope to grow more herbs someday.

SparingChange said...

I've got some herb seeds coming in the mail any day now. Some herbs help with keeping mosquitoes at bay! We really need to control those pesky biters!

I love the pics! Thank you for sharing them!


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