Thursday, November 3, 2011

Around here....

...We have fun doing simple things like polishing shoes together. (It was a shoe party one evening not long ago.)

...I have not been taking very many pictures lately except of things that I am trying to barter away.

...We are really trying to get rid of things that either we don't believe to be beautiful or know to be useful.

... We momentarily got in the Christmas Spirit while watching the High school production of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" tonight. They did a very nice job. Pretty impressive for highschoolers.

...I am trying to finish up my clothing organization. I am making progress on the mending and going through but not quite as fast as I would like but that is due to have a fairly busy week.

...I am dreaming of getting all the loose gardening projects taken care of (like wrapping the trunks of the fruit trees so the mice don't nibble on them this year!) before the snow flies and preferably within the week! I did get the bee hives all stacked neatly in the garage so that feels good.

... I have discovered the fun and the organizing potential of Pinterest. I haven't had time to go on it much yet but I am looking forward to getting all the cool projects I have found online organized on there.

... A name was drawn for a Winner of my Tropical Traditions Dishwasher Detergent Giveaway- Congratulations Beth!

...I was "missing in action" and instead having fun guest posting over on Kelli's blog: "More bang for your buck".

....We had tons of fun at our homeschool day today. I will post more about that tomorrow, Lord willing.

Have a good night!

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