Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pies and other things

 Today was one of those fun holiday sort of days. We decided to take a break from school (even though the public school students still had to go in our area) and we had fun getting ready for Thanksgiving day and doing other fun things. In the morning I did have a piano lesson to teach and then we needed to run to town to do a barter, buy whipping cream and hang up some posters for an upcoming fundraiser but in the afternoon we had fun working around here.

  On a side note- while we were at the grocery store Mara complimented another shopper on her really cool wool coat and hat (which looked felted and had felted applique on it) which she had made. We ended up visiting a bit and she told us about her blog- in it she shares about some of the neat things she makes. I thought you might like to visit there too.

  Our baking plans for today were to make butterhorns and a few pies. My Mom was also making pies for tomorrow but you can never have to many pies can you?r

  This pies on my list to make were a pecan pie and some peanut butter pies. Ken told me that peanut butter pie is his favorite (I was surprised as I had thought he went for the fruit or berry pies more) and since the rest of us love it too I decided that I should make two. I tried a Honey Pecan Pie recipe this year. It looks good- I am looking forward to tasting it as well. I did also make Pumpkin pie- that is a traditional necessity for Thanksgiving, I think. Mom was making them so I didn't need to but since I had extra crust and some cooked squash handy I made one anyway. We will probably eat it for breakfast later on this week. I still had more crust so I also made an apple braid.

  Would you like to try Peanut Butter Pie? Here is the recipe that we really love:
8 ounces softened cream cheese
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar (except I use less and this year I used mostly honey- it is yummy.)
1 tablespoon softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup heavy cream, whipped

Beat everything but the whipped cream together and then fold in whipped cream. Gently spoon into a baked crust (I use a regular one but you could also use a graham cracker crust or a chocolate crust). Store in the fridge.

Here are some other photos of our day.....
Aaron wanted to knead the butterhorns. Megan licked the spoon after being in charge of cracking eggs.
 While the bread was rising....
Aaron dreamed about and made plans for quilt making

Megan laid hers out and even tried it out.

Mara made a Thank-ful tree.

Jonathan added more details to his new wonderful Popsicle plane.
 Back to the bread making.....
Aaron helped to roll them up (we took some of the dough and made sweet rolls for breakfast).

Jonathan buttered their tops.
Tonight was another fun evening of fellowship and learning at church. The kids talked about thankfulness and ate a bunch of sweets while we adults had a good discussion on walking with God.

   I am curious.... Do you always have pie for thanksgiving? What type is traditional for you and your family? Do you make your own or buy them?


All in a Day said...

We buy pies as I have not mastered pie-making. :) This year we have an apple, mint, and pecan.
Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for the good work you do with your blog.

Simple Home Living said...

I like to make my pie crust. My favorite pie is sweet potato. My hubby likes chess pie. Thanks for the recipe. My son is a fan of peanut butter :)

Melissa said...

I make pumpkin when it is just the four of us (as it was this year) when my parents come they bring pecan that my Mom makes (and if I am very lucky, Dad cracks fresh pecans for her).

I love the lovely little photo essay of your day.

Nola said...

That looks like fun. We haven't done many thanksgivings at our house but the few I have, I have made a pumpkin pie myself. We celebrate in October though. I always find it funny to think of Thanksgiving being in November for people in the USA. I can't imagine it since harvest time is more at a peak in October than November. Thanksgiving here I find more of a thankful for the harvest type of event.


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