Saturday, November 5, 2011

Doughnut Day!

 Today's holiday is Doughnut day (at least according to the book "Every day a Holiday") and that just didn't seem like a holiday that we could pass by without celebrating appropriately.

I decided to try a baking powder recipe which you baked in the oven. I had some willing helpers- both in the making and the eating!

 It wasn't the greatest recipe ever but we found them pretty yummy. We really aren't that picky when it comes to baked goods.
I hope you didn't miss out on Doughnut Day, but if you did maybe you can celebrate a day late!


Becky R said...

I always wanted to find a baked doughnut recipe. Looks like you had fun.

JoannaTopazT said...

I forgot to celebrate this holiday on Saturday -- too busy getting the last of the outside work done before this week's predicted snow -- but we celebrated by making some apple fritters on Sunday afternoon.


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