Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are enjoying snow

Snow falling is always exciting at our house. Today it is coming down here. Mara wrote a poem about it that I thought you might enjoy......


The snow is falling down

In ones and couples and clumps

It is beautiful.

I am working in the garden

Digging bulbs. I do not notice

The snow come down.

The boy on the road

Cries it first

“It is snowing!” And I listen.

I tell Mama

The news

And she smiles.

I grab a hat and

A scarf

I run to the marsh.

I sit on a log

Fallen over the water-ice

And I watch.

They are slender-pointed

Some are fat

They are all wonder-full.

My soul thrills and

I thank the One

Who did such work.

Does He sit above

Making and sending them


I wonder what the muskrat in

His den thinks

Of the snow.

The last snowfall melted

All away. I hope this

Will not.

But early next spring will I

Wonder why

I ever wished for snow?

I go inside and

I sit

And watch the snow fall.

The snow comes down

It nose-dives

Then falls up again.

My heart almost breaks

It swells so far

God’s snow is beautiful.

by Mara


Becky R said...

So sweet. Great poem!

The Busy Mama said...

Ahhh I LOVE that poem

Billie said...

That is a great poem Mara!

Nola said...

GREAT work Mara!

We still have no snow here. Which is very odd. Normally we get it before the end of October. We've had a warm fall overall.

Anna said...


Keren Ruth said...

Such a lovely poem.


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