Monday, November 7, 2011

A Homestead Notebook

 Record keeping is not one of my strong points. I do have a prayer journal and this blog and I write on our calendar some so I have some records of what is going on but as far as keeping track of homestead things like the Garden, Fruit trees,bees and such, I haven't done very well with that.

 I decided that I might do better if I had one notebook just set aside for that purpose. Then whenever I plant a new fruit tree or bush I could simply go to the section that I have for that and record the name of it, where I got it from and the date planted. Then when Dad wants to know what it is so that he can take a branch to graft onto one of his trees- then I can just look in my notebook and tell him.

 It will also be fun to record what sort of bees I got and when, when I harvested the honey and how much they produced. By keeping records it should help me learn more from year to year rather than just haphazardly doing things.

 It will be good to record what types of tomatoes I planted so that when they do well and I save seeds- I will know what I am saving.


I took a plain old notebook (and then decided to make it pretty since I like pretty things!) and put in tabs for sections on the Garden, Fruit (trees, bushes and plants), Bees, Herbs and Flowers (decorative perennials). I thought about adding a special section on preserving food but haven't yet anyway.

In them I will keep track of things like:
  • What I buy and plant.
  • Costs- it will be interesting to compare costs with production.
  • Contact information of things like seed companies, Bee keeping mentors, Fruit Tree supply places, etc.
  • The Harvest that we get.
  • Seeds that I save.
  • What is planted where and when.
Do you have any other suggestions of things that I should keep track of?

I am kind of excited about this new record keeping venture!

Last week concerning gardening I tried to get some of those end of the year chores done. To be totally honest with you, after Harvest is done and I have all the food preserved, I usually am ready to be done with the garden for the year and start working on some fun inside projects like sewing, knitting or crocheting. Cleaning out the garden often doesn't sound to exciting. Last week I did manage to get all the bee stuff neatly put away, the trunks of the fruit trees wrapped with screen (so the mice don't nibble again like they did last year) and some of the garden cleaned up. I do still have more work to do but the essentials are done and that feels very good!


Joanie @ Simple Living Mama said...

I love using notebooks to keep track of things. In this day when everyone is using computers and smartphones for things, it is nice to actually write something down on paper. I use a notebook to keep track of bills and budgets. Looks like you have a pretty good set-up for keeping track of your garden!

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

I've never kept a homesteading notebook before. We have kept notes on the goats. I think I'll start a homesteading notebook. Thanks for the idea. :)

Alana of Intentional Womanhood said...

I adore using notebooks and binders to manage the household/homestead. I'm just now thinking about gardening (and canning) and I've even considered keeping bees, which is crazy because up until now, I've been a self-proclaimed city girl. :). Who knew? Anyway, love this idea!

Jamie (@va_grown) said...

I love that you decorated it to make it pretty! We have a notebook that we use to track expenses and contact info for customers, hay, etc. But somewhere to keep track of things like what garden varieties worked or didn't work for us, and seasonal/weather specifics or dates for when we added compost/fertilizer, etc. would be helpful.


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