Saturday, August 24, 2013

A busy Saturday

Jonathan at work on getting the siding off the "tree" house so we could put a door in.
 On Saturdays Ken and I tend to sleep in a bit more than normal but that didn't last long this morning as a while before 8 am I started to hear the sounds of chairs being moved and the vacuum being run. When I got up and dressed and went out to see what all was going on in our house I found the boys hard at work. They were getting the house cleaned up and all the extra chairs put away that had been used when we had company last night. Those actions aren't completely unusual for them as Jonathan hates to have things out of place but I did find out they did have a motive. They were hoping the I could help them with a certain project and so they wanted obstacles out of the way.

  I did help them on their project some and then we ended up spending much of the day working on getting the old tree house made usable again. We were needing Ken's help and expertise and since he was home it was a good time.
Aaron removing nails from boards.
 We worked on getting the door in and then we also found that it needed to be straightened and some other repairs following it's fall from the tree.
 It also needed to have the floor jacked up a bit.
 We are planning on using this for a play area, a honey extracting shack, a place to move the bee hives in the winter as I try to overwinter the bees and a place to store various things. I am excited about the uses for it.
 We also took some time this afternoon to ride into town to go to our local museum. We have a years membership with the MN historical society which is about to expire so we wanted to get our full use out of it.
 Ken and Mara in front of the very pretty building.
 Megan dreams of having a real typewriter of her own.
The boys were fascinated with the train and are dream of making one themselves.

It was a fun little outing.

But now I am very tired (I missed my nap!) so Goodnight!

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