Friday, August 23, 2013

Today's activities

  Today was a little different from normal as we had my sister-in-laws little sisters staying with us for the day and then we had company for supper this evening. It is fun to change things up every once and a while. Because of the company we didn't do any big family projects for our goal of fixing things up around here but I did work on a few things.
First I spend some time in the kitchen, making noodles (do you like my new drying method?) to go in soup for lunch and then to be used for super and then I also made cheese, mixed up some apple and zucchini pie filling and froze some containers of that, I processed more beef tallow and I mixed up a seasoning salt.

 We really like a seasoning salt called "Spike" but it costs around $12- $15 a pound and I am quite sure I can make my own for significantly less. I looked at the ingredient list and from what I have on it I started mixing things together.

It was well received at supper tonight and even Ken thought it was okay but that I don't quite have it yet. I will try to get some of the missing ingredients (one being dried and powdered rose hips - which I can get in our yard) and then try again.

On to "home improvement projects"....
 I tackled a couple of easy things today. We had this tile (vinyl- I think) that had come loose in our entry way. It wasn't coming out, it just had gaps.  I was able to put some glue in and push it back in place. I couldn't get it quite perfect but it is better.

 By the girls doorway they had a piece of the laminate wood flooring that had slid out of place. I was able to slide it back and glue it as well. Hopefully it will stay put now.

I also went through and cleaned up a couple of drawers in my kitchen. It really doesn't take to long to do that but for some reason it still doesn't get done very often here. I was able to find a few things to get rid of besides all the dirt! :-) I love having clean drawers!

 This evening when my family came over to celebrate Jonathan's birthday my parents also brought a bunch of green beans that Mom had just picked. She put everybody to work at snapping them and I have been able to can them this evening. My second batch is in the canner now. What a blessing!

   Tomorrow I am hoping that Ken may have time to help with a project or two but I haven't really discussed it with him yet so I am not sure what his plans our. We will just wait and see what happens! :-)

What was your day like?

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Sharmayne said...

What a productive day you've had Abbi! Here it's Sat evening & I've spent today getting the sewing room rearranged, moving furniture & stuff around now that I have an office nook into which all the office stuff can go!


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