Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have you said "Hey, Good looking" lately?

Not long ago I said something complementary (concerning his appearance) to my husband and I was a little startled to realize how pleased that seemed to make him. It made me wonder if I might not be saying things like that often enough.

  Do I tell him I think he is handsome, or hot or whatever as much as I should? Do you tell your husband that? I have never wanted it to become just something that I say rather than a sincere compliment but neither do I ever want him to wonder whether I truly think that or not either!

   So that is something I have been thinking about and intend to work on in my marriage. Do you need to pay your husband a compliment too?

p.s. I did plan on reporting on projects this week too and maybe it will still happen but I have ended up doing a lot more food preservation this week than I had thought and then the projects we have been working on we haven't really finished yet except for the serious weeding out of poison ivy which I didn't take a picture of and which I am paying the price for right now. :-)


All in a Day said...

Ugh...Emily brought it home from the second camp (poison ivy.)

Don't scratch, and don't spread it. :)

Amelia said...

Yes, you are soooo correct. I call my husband "Handsome Guy". He loves it and calls me "Glamor Girl"! : )

We've been married for 33 years and this is a more recent discovery, wish I would have known earlier!


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