Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Enjoying the simple times

 Ken and I enjoy going off and spending time by ourselves at times. Most years we have taken a trip to celebrate our anniversary and we also will go on a dinner date once and a while. Special times away all by ourselves is fun but truly what strengthens our marriage more is the simple every day times when we can show our love for each other and strengthen our marriage.

   I was thinking about that this week since as our 3 older children are gone to bible camp a friend suggested that she take Megan while Ken and I go and have a date. I really appreciated her thoughtfulness in offering and another week we may have gladly taken her up on the offer. This week however we were just coming off of a whole week of vacation (away from home naturally) followed by a week of the county fair where Ken was only home one evening the whole week. We were craving some normalcy. We really didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything special. We just wanted to be together at home.

  We had a fun evening just eating supper and then the three of us played a game of dominoes. Then while Megan got ready for bed Ken and I played a game of dominoes for two. We totally enjoyed our simple evening together.

   Though special times are very fun, what really causes our marriage to stay strong is the day to day simple things like smiling at each other, serving one another, meals together and much more.

  I hope you too can enjoy the simple times with your spouse!


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Anna said...

Yep, I think there can be a hype with the special designated times which leads to a let down feeling so that is partly why a specially designated time isn't as nice as just good old normal having fun in the day to day, and when you haven't gotten to have your normal due to company, over scheduling or traveling it does feel that much sweeter.


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