Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting back to normal

 The children are all home again, and this week closes a very busy part of our summer. Somehow this year we managed to have our vacation (out to Yellowstone), Fair week and Youth Camp all one right after another. They were all very fun times (the kids had a blast at camp!) but another year I hope we can spread out the fun a little more over the summer! It has been "go, go, go!" and I for one am very excited about some calmer, closer to home weeks in the near future.

  This afternoon we did a little celebrating of things slowing down.

The girls and I did a little flower pounding with some blooms that were leftover from the wedding. Fun!
 I finally have a vase of flower decorating my house. Generally I keep one around all summer as there are so many things that I can pick from outside but this year I have just been to busy much of the time. I love having fresh flowers in the house!
 Mara and I had fun going around and working to identify various mushrooms that have popped up in our lawn. I did have to give that activity up today though because I had some boys who were starving. Yes, my eaters have returned. No more ignoring cooking!
I did add some mushrooms to our meal and I think I have identified another edible but I will do some more research first to be sure.

  It was a lovely day and then I got to see a falling star tonight too. I am looking forward to a lovely and slow paced week!

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