Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Clean and Tidy Bedroom

 Yesterday I did some deep cleaning in our bedroom. I washed ceilings and walls. I thoroughly dusted and vacuumed. I polished furniture and put some d√©cor through the laundry. I also got rid of clutter. There is now only one book (not several, plus other papers) on my nightstand. There are no stacks left on my dresser - only a few decorative things.

  Those first 6 items that I mentioned - they were important to me (my allergies have been bothering me and I am on the war path against dust) but I don't know that Ken even noticed them. That last item though- decluttering - that is very important to him. Clutter drives him batty and can make him feel agitated.

 While cleaning the bedroom I started thinking about how that simple job could encourage our marriage. A bedroom is a place where the couple generally retreats alone, for rest, for talk and for intimacy. I think most people are affected by their surroundings. Ken as I mentioned is negatively affected when there is clutter (and loves a tidy area) and I know that I am affected by beauty - I don't mind a little clutter as long as I see things that are beautiful. A clean environment is a healthier place to sleep and in that way can make us feel better.

  I know not every husband is like Ken, I have heard that many even are the cause of a messy bedroom - however I still think many of them would be positively affected by a clean and tidy bedroom and you also probably would feel more peaceful in a place like that.

  So I just thought it would be fun to encourage you to pay attention to your bedrooms too. I would guess that many of you already have clean and tidy bedrooms but for some that might be the dumping room of the house. The place that not many others see and so all the extra things that you don't know what to do with go there. If the latter is the case I want to encourage you to think about working on making your bedroom clean and tidy and see if your relationship is blessed by that.


Lydia said...

We are the opposite. My husband doesn't like the dirt. I don't like the clutter. I need to work on keeping the dirt out of our bedroom!

Cheryl Smith said...

This was a wonderful post, and so true! Keeping this precious spot of the home clean and tidy and orderly creates an environment for peace and serenity. I am so glad I found you today through the link-up. God bless you and your sweet family! Love, Cheryl

Raising Mighty Arrows said...
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Lindsey @ The Road to 31 said...

I featured you on this week's Tending the Home Tuesday. Thank you so much for linking up last week!


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