Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Doing what we can

I am guessing that the majority of you that read this blog are busy moms. There are always meals to cook, laundry to do, a house to clean, children to care for and if you homeschool then there is that to do as well. I am not complaining - I love my life and I would guess you probably like yours pretty well too - I hope so anyway. But sometimes I do wonder when I will get some of those extra things done- like some of the deep cleaning that should be done, some of those projects that I would like to do, paying a little more attention to my business and so on.

  I have been needing to remind myself lately - I am doing what I can. It may not be all that I would like to do, not all that would be fun to do, but I am doing my best. There still are things regularly that I see and think "Oh, I need to do that too" but I am learning not to get stressed about it. I will do what I can, I am training the kids to help too but sometimes things don't get done. That is okay. Sometimes (though I don't like this) things might get wasted because I simply didn't have the time or strength to harvest honey at just the right time (I harvested honey early but then missed the later harvest time because of illness), or I might not be able to harvest quite as much as I wanted to from the garden. That is okay, I will thank God for the blessings I do have and not worry about the things that might have been.

  When life is busy and it is hard to find time for everything I find it fun to enjoy the simple little extra things that I do get done - like the bathroom shelf that I did find time to organize today and the afghan that I was finally able to get mended yesterday. On Sunday it was very fun to finally finish a birthday present that I had started in August - it was for a birthday in August too but my nephew didn't seem to mind at all getting a present in November instead.

  So... I am doing what I can and thanking God for his blessings and enjoying each simple accomplishment. I hope that you can be encouraged to do that too. :-)

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Carmen N said...

Sometimes it helps to write down what we've actually accomplished to make us see all that we really do. Example: I was writing my 30 Days of Gratitude post for today about some of the wonderful foods we've had lately - and they were all from scratch. I didn't realize just how many things we'd learned to make until I started writing about it.


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