Sunday, August 17, 2008

A couple of new things for Aaron

This past week I heard a little whistling sound coming from the living room and looked over to see it was Aaron. He was so excited to figure out how to whistle. All the kids have tried (they love to watch me when I whistle, trying to figure it out) to whistle but Aaron is the first to actually do it. He can't always get a whistle out but I heard him do it around a dozen times.

Another new thing for Aaron was learning how to ride his bike without training wheels. Last month his training wheels broke and now he has learned how to do it without them.

It is so fun to be a mom and watch me children grow and mature! I am so blessed!


All in a Day said...

Wow! Great job, Aaron!

shell said...

Rowan learned to ride a 2 wheeler this spring. She was so proud to have accomplished it.

martha said...

Good job Aaron! Molly can whistle too but now she'll really have to learn how to ride her bike too!!!


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