Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The giving of blood

This evening between supper and church ( I was doing some major rushing! :-) we headed to the hospital to donate blood. I answered all the questions fine and there were no problems until they checked my hemoglobin, it was too low! :-( But my big strong man was able to donate.

I have not yet ever donated blood (I had signed up before but then got pregnant and I have been pregnant or nursing for a lot of the last 9+ years) Ken has donated before but it was before we lived here so it had been quite a while. We finally got around to signing up when we had a booth next to the Blood Bank's at the fair. Now that we are signed up (and hopefully next time I will be able to donate!) I am out to encourage the rest of you (if you don't all ready) to donate blood as well! In our town if you become a member of the blood bank they ask you to donate 2-4 times a year, the blood goes to people at our local hospital. Also with the blood bank if anybody in our family needed blood (parents included) they could get blood for free. Another option for giving blood is responding to a blood drive. Your blood might then go to where it is needed most.

Blood is such a vital thing, without it we can't live but God has made it so that healthy bodies can make more of it, so we can safely give some away to someone who desperately needs it. From your blood, a life might be saved. Thinking about blood certainly makes me think about the One, Jesus Christ who was willing to shed His blood for us that we might live. He was willing to give His life for our salvation - not just for a good life now but for all eternity. His gift is amazing!
"In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace which He lavished on us." Ephesians 1:7 & 8

Now I am going to start working on raising my hemoglobin. I prefer the idea of eating good foods rather than taking supplements so here are some that I read will help raise it:
Liver and other meats (I eat meat but it has been a long time since I ate liver, I'm not sure about this one)
Seafood (I had shrimp this week but that is rare.)
Dried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins (I do eat these fairly regularly but I guess I'll try to up my intake.)
Nuts ( I eat but I'll try to do more)
Beans, especially lima beans (ditto to above)
Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli (and ditto again)
Blackstrap molasses (Hmm.. I need to figure out ways to use this. )
Whole grains (I eat a lot of these, going up might make me fat! :-)
Iron-fortified breads and cereals (check the label) (I eat a little but most of the stuff I eat is from scratch.)
Egg yolks ( I eat)
Dandelion (haven't eaten since last year)
Alfalfa (I ate in sprouts, I wonder if that counts?)
Do you have any more ideas for raising your hemoglobin?


martha said...

Drink lots of water whenever you visit the Locke's.;)
I wonder if the reason it was low was because you aren't absorbing what you are eating. I wonder what vitamin or mineral you should couple it with?
I think brewers yeast is something that would be good for hemoglobin.

jessicalolene said...

I, too am a firm believer in donating blood. Working at the hospital I see how much blood we use on a day to day basis. Every 50-60 days is how often I donate. They call often, too because I have a more rare type.
Eat lots of green, leafy vegetables to bring up that hemoglobin. Also, in answer to Martha, Vitamin C is what aides us in iron absorption.

Anonymous said...

Raisins are another easy way to build up your iron. According to the old ladies at our blood bank. I gave on Sat. BY the way where were in your time of month? I was barely high enough on Sat. and normally I run on the high side when I give (for women). but I began my period that morning. I never would have done that but I didn't think when they called and asked me to come in where I was in the month. They always say thank you to me but they get really excited when Travis comes in because he gives double red and he is an O so popular with those folks!

Anonymous said...

I agree giving blood is a wonderful gift. We make more easily and they do not take that much. I had given for years(25) and now medically cannot but was given a life time pass so will get blood free now also.
When young, Jeff always came in low on his hemoglobin. Grandma stuffed him with iron foods. He even ate liver for snacks. Yack! So, it is a processing thing. He was healthy so the Dr.did not worry but it is frustrating when you go to give and can't. My problem was blood pressure. I would take it before I went in and either drink lots of water and rest for 1/2 hours to lower it or run up and down the steps a few times to raise it. I wish I still could give now, and could play games to, but it would not be good for my healt. Keep trying.


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