Sunday, August 3, 2008

How sweet!

Recently Mara came to me holding this flower. She had picked it for me, put a bead on the stem, tied on a Kleenex bow and then wrote a little note that said "Dear Mom, I love you." which she had then wrapped around the stem. I have no idea why God blessed me with such a sweet daughter but I am truly blessed.
We then had fun looking in the flower book to find out what it was. It is a Wild Bergamot and it is in the mint family and one of the main ingredients for Earl Grey tea. What a fun time we had learning together.
That reminded me of a similar moment last week with Aaron. We were out picking blueberries and he came walking up to me with his hands behind his back and a cute little smile. Then he held out this:

A handful of harebells (one of my favorite flowers). "For you" he said. I guess my kids know that I love flowers. After that Megan then started finding flowers and picking them and bringing them to me one at a time. The flowers from both kids were stemless and I didn't have water for them but I sure appreciate the love they were showing by picking them for me. I am so blessed!

Jonathan also is great about picking flowers for me, handfuls of dandelions in the spring, wild flowers from the side of the road when he has been out bike riding and just anytime he happens to see flowers. He usually brings them to me quickly and maybe a little gruffly, but still oh so sweetly. Wild flowers given with love are the very best sort of bouquet that I could ever receive.


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