Monday, August 4, 2008

Home from the Fair

Well we have taken everything to the fair, they judged and now we have picked everything up again. In all we took 43 items to the fair. Above is a picture (a crowded one) of everything we got ribbons for. Our total was 9 blue, 13 red and 2 white. We were awarded $60.75 in premiums.
For anybody that might be interested this is a list of our "winners".
  • Kid's "Blueberry muffin" flower arrangement by Mara, 1st prize.
  • Both of my ring pillows got 2nd prize.
  • Both dresses (one remodeled and the other altered) got red ribbons.
  • Jonathan's tote bag got a blue ribbon.
  • Mara's fringed quilt made from old sweatshirts got 1st prize.
  • My rag rug got first prize.
  • My Wreath and Swag both got 2nd place.
  • Aaron's candles got 2nd place and mine got 3rd.
  • 4 of my stamped/embossed cards got ribbons. (1 blue and 3 reds)
  • Mara's stamped dirty clothes bag got a red ribbon.
  • My painted feather got a blue.
  • Mara's pine cone skier got a red ribbon.
  • Mara's wreath of forest products got 1st place.
  • Jonathan's Gecko got a white ribbon.
  • My black and white photo of a pinecone got 2nd place.
  • Mara's hand painted cross necklace for a blue.
  • Mara's nature craft (pictured below) got first.

All in all we had a lot of fun and were quite happy with all the prizes we got. One thing that I was really happy about was that we were able to make all of our projects by just using stuff we already had on hand. We did not have to go out and buy anything. As usual this year we were really hurrying to get things done at the last minute. We are going to try really hard to not procrastinate this next year!!

Did any of the rest of you enter stuff at the fair? How did you do?


martha said...

Wow good job everyone! So cool that your kids got several first prize things! I really like your rug, the red around the denim is very nice.
miss you all!!!!

In The Tree Tops said...

Great job! Shelly

Emily said...

That is a LOT of things to enter! No wonder you were busy.... :)

Joe & Sarah said...

Great Job, Cobb Family! We saw your entries at the fair and you all worked really hard.


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