Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting ready for the fair ~ Projects 6-10

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Life has been very busy! We have had company(Ken's parents) for over a week (They left yesterday), More company over the weekend, we have been building a booth for the fair, getting all of our fair projects ready, picking berries as much as possible and just doing all the other normal things that we need to do.

Yesterday was a big day for getting stuff done for the fair. The picture above is a wreath that I made (decorated) using forest materials. Below is Mara's for that same category except in the kid's section.

My pictures that I had ordered finally arrived yesterday so I was able to frame up a bunch to take. I have around 8 frames with pictures in them. Above is a sample of a color grouping and below is my color picture of Jonathan.

And then we have Mara's Christmas decoration~ a little skier. We actually got more than that done but I haven't gotten it all photographed yet.

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All in a Day said...

How did everyone do at the fair, or is it still on?


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