Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're done!

Redoing a roof is a big job but I am glad we did it ourselves as I am sure we saved a bunch of money. Also I enjoy doing projects like this with Ken, it helps us to realize how much we need each other and causes us to respect each other more. Another neat thing from projects like this is realizing how blessed we are with the family and friends that we have!
Here is Dad helping last Sunday afternoon.
Mom even came up on the roof and helped a lot! In this picture we were getting very close to done. On Sunday night all was done except for the ridge on the garage. Because of things that were scheduled and lots of rain that didn't get done until the end of the week but now it is all done!
Ken and the kids up on the roof.

From a distance the house doesn't look all that different but we went from charcoal to wood look (brown) shingles. These are supposed to last 30 years so if we stay in this house we won't have to shingle again until we are 60. I wonder if we will do it ourselves then or not?


martha said...

Well, most of your main helpers are nearly 60! ;) (Don't tell mom I said that!)
looks good.
The picture you took while standing on the peak makes it look like the garage is almost as tall as the house, When on the ground the house seems a lot taller, to me.

Betsy Cradic said...

I'm glad you got it finished--looks nice. It's satisfying to be able to do such a huge job by yourselves!

Anonymous said...

I Saw that Martha!


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