Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Red, white and blue around our house. We have a busy day planned with putting new shingles on our roof, have a bunch of company for an evening picnic and going to the fire works. We plan on having fun and we hope you do too!!

God bless America!


martha said...

We were just outside to draw a flag with chalk on our patio.

It is funny to see your boys wearing jackets and long pants and know that it is the same day as we are having here.

We are all in shorts and T's and we were dripping sweet while we were out there!

Keren made us a cake like the one you have pictured but she used strawberries and and blueberries.

have fun with everyone at the picnic.

Love you!

All in a Day said...

We dressed in red, white, and blue (most of us anyway) and had r,w,and b "pretties" in our hair too.

We just got home from our long day in town. It started at noon with signing up for nickles and getting ice cream.

How much of your roof did you get done, and did any of the party members help you?

Your cake turned out cute.

Anonymous said...

We all dressed red, white and blue, too. (After I got done painting anyways). We weren't wearing jeans or sweat shirts (until the fireworks anyways), either. And we are just 4 hours south Martha. Anna

Betsy Cradic said...

I wore just blue and white, so I wasn't quite as festive as the rest of you. Jonathan chose Spongebob swim trunks and a Minnesota Gophers t-shirt for the occasion. We had a fun picnic at our house with lots of people and then fireworks in town after that. Warm and sunny day--just perfect weather.

Abbi said...

It was fun to hear about how you all's day went too. We didn't get the roof done on Saturday, in fact Ken is up there right now putting on the top of the garage, after that it is done!
By the way, the boy's only started the day with sweatshirts (and ended that way too I guess). We ended up having a very nice day weather wise but up on the roof we were sweating away!


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