Thursday, July 24, 2008

A boat ride

We had a fun time on Tuesday. We went to a small lake not far from us that has a peninsula in it that is full of Juneberry trees and blueberry bushes. Our goal was to pick a bunch of Juneberries. It was a beautiful evening but unfortunately there weren't a lot of Juneberries, it looks like many of them may have gotten frozen with the late frosts. Mara (above) decided to go wading and pick water lilies instead.
I did find this bush with quite a few berries on it. We didn't get a lot of berries but we did get some, and some is better than nothing!
Here is most of the group in the boat.
Ken and Jonathan. Jonathan got to try steering for a while which he found quite fun.
Granddad and Nana enjoying the ride.

Have you had any fun family outings lately? Please share. :-)


national lottery said...
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miranda said...

we enjoyed a trip to Helen Hunt falls with some of Jeff's family. we had a small hike and took a lot of fun pictures. I hadn't been in a year or so, so it was nice to get out and enjoy our area a little bit.

ps. I have posted pictures on my side if anyone wants to see.

RefreshMom said...

We had a fun family trip to San Francisco last week. I wanted to go to a BlogHer party to meet the gals from 5 Minutes for Mom and Dawn (Because I Said So) but didn't really want to go by myself. Through the "name your own price" option God provided a beautiful room in a 4-star hotel for less than the cost of an SF Motel 6. I got to meet the gals while DH and the boys hung out at the Border's bookstore on the next corner.

The following day we rode the cable cars from the start at Fisherman's Wharf to the end at Union Square and back again. It was a great time with many blessings from God along the way (like not having to pay the Cable Car fare for the boys, meeting Dawn in the elevator just as I arrived and she was headed back to her room). We'll all have good memories from that for a long time.

I was prompted to post though because your reference to Juneberries brought back some memories from my own childhood. I live in Michigan until 3rd grade and remember getting Juneberries one summer/fall in particular. My parents put a sheet on the ground and shook the treet to get the berries to fall. My mom made a Juneberry pie and I ate waaay too much (against her advice) and paid the price the next day. I still remember how that pie tasted though. No Juneberries on the west coast, so I don't here references to them often. Thanks for bringing back the memory!

Abbi said...

Thanks to both of you for sharing! Simple fun with our families is such a blessing.


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