Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday ~cleaning and organizing

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

We had quite a few things we wanted to tackle today. We had quite a bit of laundry that needed to be folded so all the kids and I worked together on that. Working together seems to work well for us. If I fold it by myself it works fine but it takes a while and the kids aren't learning how to do it, if I have them do it by themselves (at least the boys) they have a hard time staying motivated and doing a good job. Doing it together we keep each other motivated and I can work on teaching them how to do it right. We got all of the Laundry folded and put away for our first job.
Megan helped with the folding for a while and then I noticed she was standing over by the living room window for quite a while. I couldn't see what she was doing as she had her back to me. After a bit I decided I had better check and I saw that she had actually gotten the syrup bottle from out of the kitchen and was pouring syrup carefully in the window sill. Note to self: keep a better eye on Megan!
This next project was Jonathan's project with mine and Megan's help. He and Megan took everything out of the fridge and then I washed it all out, including removing and washing the drawers and then we put everything back in. It is kind of hard to tell in the picture how much better it is but I can assure it is much cleaner! As far as organization goes it didn't help that my parents delivered another gallon of milk and several dozen eggs between the taking of pictures. We certainly appreciate their delivery though!
^ this is the after picture. ^
^ This bathroom closet had gotten to be a rather unorganized mess! This was Mara's job for the day (with help from me).
^ It looks much better now!! ^

^ This is a cupboard in the dining room where we keep scrap paper and other craft supplies, play dough stuff, table cloths and thermoses. This cupboard has a hard time staying clean. This was Aaron's job with help from me.
^ Yea! Much better! ^
^ The top of our fridge was looking pretty cluttered! ^

^ Looking better. I was also amazed at the amount of grime I wiped off!! ^

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Emily said...

It really looks nice! I like how you get your kids involved too! :) Perhaps you have inspired me enough to actually get my laundry folded tonight! ha ha

Karen said...

Syrup is awful to clean up. Way to tackle.

Linda said...

Good job! It looks like you really worked hard. Nice tackle.

All in a Day said...

Very nice jobs! I'm always surprised at the amount of dust on top of my fridge too. :)

Heart of Wisdom said...

Wow! It looks good and you accomplished alot.

Good Job!


Muthering Heights said...

What a busy day! It all looks great!

Abbi said...

Thanks all! It is nice to get things cleaned and organized but it seems like now that summer is here we are tracking in way more dirt and things don't stay clean very long! Oh well!


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