Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Show me state ~ Missouri

We had fun studying about Missouri. I was able to find quite a few recipes that worked for us to try and we enjoyed all of them. I guess I will go ahead and start by telling of the food we ate.
Beef noodle skillet was a quick and simple food that we enjoyed from a rural Missouri site.
Above is a picture of the springtime omelet on my breakfast plate. It was fun to use various things from my garden in it.
Sour cream sugar cookies were quite yummy and not that high in sugar either and worked well with whole wheat flour. It was a good sized batch and we had enough that we made some star shaped ones for the 4th of July (we froze them).
Kansas City spareribs were quite yummy even though I ended up having to make them in the oven instead of on the grill.
I had fun making ravioli for St Louis toasted ravioli. This was a rather labor intensive meal but it ended up being pretty good. I used some wild greens and goat cheese in our ravioli.
Here they are after getting fried with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on them.
And with sauce on top.

I also had a lot of fun reading about all the special foods of St. Louis. It includes a list of many foods that were introduced at the World Fair that was held there.

Well there is a lot more to Missouri than just food. Missouri became a state August 10, 1821 making it the 24th state.

  • There are 69,686 square miles in Missouri
  • The state flower is the Hawthorn.
  • The state tree is the flowering dogwood.
  • The state bird is the bluebird.
  • The state song is the Missouri Waltz. (That link is for the sheet music which includes the words.)
  • The eastern black walnut is the state nut.
  • The fiddle is the state musical instrument.

We enjoyed reading about (and for me remembering going too) all the different parts of Missouri ~ the big cities, the rural farmland and then the beauty of the Ozarks.

Remembering Mark Twain and reading about the town of Hannibal and Tom Sawyer days was interesting. Another great Author (or authoress) that wrote in Missouri was of course Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As far as history goes we enjoyed reading about Lewis and Clark and the start of their travels, about the Pony Express which ran for 18 months with it's start in St. Joseph and about Missouri's involvement in the Civil War. Missouri was a very divided state and it had the 3rd most battles of all of the states.

What do you know and enjoy about the state of Missouri? Also this weeks state for us is Florida, we are having a wonderful time learning and always enjoy learning more.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Wonderful experience re: Missouri. Wish I could taste some of those yummy things you made!


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