Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting ready for the fair ~ project # 5 ~ a bag

Jonathan's recent project for the fair was sewing a bag. He used some fabric that came from some sweatpants and also a sweatshirt. It is a pretty simple bag but it does have a pocket on the side and a strap to carry it with.
Here he is busy getting things cut out.
And busy sewing. This was his first time to try sewing on the machine and he figured it out quite quickly. (He loves working with machines!) He got to do a lot of sewing as we had to do some piecing with the fabric. He also got to learn about using a seam ripper as not everything went perfectly.
Mara is also working on a sewing project, but hers isn't done yet so you will just have to wait. :-)

Do you remember when you first learned to sew (if you do)? What was your first project?


miranda said...

My Grandma Hall taught me to sew at age 11. I received my very first machine (that I still have and use) that same year. I think my very first sewing job was a skirt and vest. I wish I had a picture to share all I remember of them was that the colors were cream and teal green, it was reversible polka dots on one side, and stripes on the can imagine :)

Abbi said...

It is neat that your grandma taught you to sew. My mom taught me but I learned to crochet from my Grandma Cleone.


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