Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Breakfast: Eggs, Toast and Yogurt and Raspberry smoothies.
Supper: Homemade pizza and Salad
Tuesday Breakfast: Pancakes
Supper: Hamburger Helper, Broccoli and cheese.
Wednesday Breakfast: Brown Rice Breakfast Tacos
Thursday Breakfast: Omelet and Hash browns
Independence Day!!!
Friday Breakfast: Eggs and Toast
Lunch: Ham and Egg salad Sandwiches, Watermelon, Tuna and Macaroni Salad, Radishes and Smoothies/Shakes and Ice Tea.
Supper: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Potato Salad, Salad from the kid's Salad garden, Fruit bowl arrangement, Ice cream dessert (to look like a flag with Raspberries and Juneberries), Frozen fruit and Yogurt dessert, Star shaped sugar cookies, Ice Tea and Koolaid.
Saturday Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Tacos
Supper: Spaghetti and Green Beans
Sunday Breakfast: Eggs and Toast
Dinner: Jello, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Green beans
Supper: Leftovers.
For more menus visit Heavenly Homemakers.


Bridgett said...

Thanks for posting your menus. I have been pretty lax recently with making menus and your blog inspires me to get it done. Without a menu I spend alot more money on groceries.

Keren said...

Your Friday dessert sounds really yummy. :)

Abbi said...

Bridgett, I find that making menus helps a lot too. I too had been getting lax and that is why I decided to make myself post them.

Keren, I am hoping Friday's dessert turns out very yummy. I wish you could be here but I hope you are having lots of fun!


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