Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun things about being frugal

We have been having a garage sale today and it made me think about some fun benefits to being frugal. I thought I would list them out and I would also love it if you would share some of the fun benefits you see.

  • You can make more money on stuff at a garage sale then you ever spent on it in the first place. One example that I like from today was that we sold our old couch. It was one that a friend had found for us on the curb when we first got married (nearly 10 years ago). It was used well and still I sold it for $10 today. Also some of the deals that I have gotten at Walgreens this year I decided I wouldn't use, I had gotten them free after rebates and actually with coupons I "earned" money on them. I was able to get quite a few dollars from them today.

  • You get to try all sorts of "exotic" food combinations when you are trying to just use up the food you have instead of buying more. Sometimes you can find some really good ones!

  • You can have a huge selection of clothes when you "shop" hand-me-downs, $1 a bag days at garage sales and crazy days at the used clothing store.

  • You can have fun when your husband teases you asking "How much money did you make when shopping today?"

  • You can make lovely green slime in the name of saving money and keeping your clothes clean. (And using less chemicals.)

  • You can go foraging in the woods for all sorts of free and yummy foods.

  • You can have the excitement of figuring out a new way to save money.

Here is Mara modeling one of the great finds at our garage sale!! :-)

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Keren said...

What a Lovely Model! :)

momof4sweetsisters said...

I like your list. Couldn't help noticing that everyone in the pic is wearing long sleeves. I'm a bit jealous, it was 95 here today!

Abbi said...

We wouldn't have minded averaging your temperature with ours. It wasn't terribly cold today but it was cool and then we got a bunch of rain along with a tornado warning (some houses got wiped out just south of here). We still had quite a bit of business however so it worked out fine.


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