Friday, June 13, 2008

Extending the life of your shoes

As a general rule we spend very little on clothing. Shoes are probably our highest cost but we don't spend a lot there either. I thought I would write about some of the ways we make our shoes last longer and then I would love it if you would share any tips with me.

  • Polishing leather shoes will help them last longer as it prevents them from drying out. Also polishing most shoes will help to improve their overall appearance which makes them nice to wear longer.
  • Buying shoes that we truly like and will wear until they are worn out. I have not always followed this rule and then I would end up with shoes that I would not feel like wearing because I didn't really like them. Don't buy shoes that are just a fad. Sometimes when looking for shoes I can get frustrated with not finding ones that I like at a price that I like and I will be tempted to buy something that is second best but for me at least I have found it is better to be patient and wait to find something I truly like. Also sometimes it can be worth it to pay just a little more for a better shoe.
  • Using the 3 pairs of tennis shoes plan. My normal method is to buy a pair of tennis shoes that I wear for when I am going places and I want to look fairly nice, then the pair of tennis shoes that were formally my "good" tennis shoes then become my around the house tennis shoes (I like to wear shoes, even when I am home working I feel more energetic with shoes on), and then the shoes that were my home tennis shoes become my gardening/mowing shoes and the gardening/mowing shoes from before that get to go in the trash. That method keeps my good tennis shoes looking nice for a much longer period of time. Generally I only buy new tennis shoes every 2-3 years. (Which by the way is not what is recommended by foot doctors but my feet don't seem to mind).
  • Using shoe glue to mend soles that are wanting to come off, or cracks in the soles.
  • Putting in new insoles to keep them comfy.

Here are some links for additional info on keeping your shoes in good shape:

Also here is a recipe for making your own shoe polish.

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BarbaraLee said...

Me too. Dh hates it when I wear shoes in the house. He thinks it wears out the carpet more. The though of hot grease splashing in my feet isn't very appealing.


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